Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Dhara – a mini web series of Motivational Moments with fellow creatives| Getting sentimentally pro-charged with Nostalgia| and more

Designers at Bora Da Designs perpetuate a shift in modern, conventional retail design as the Torani garments store in Delhi follows the architectural language of Sindh…
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Dear IAnDian,

Team IAnD has been having constructive conversations with a lot of our readers - architects, artists, designers, and design collectives. And we realise that whilst collectively, we stand robustly brave and confrontational; individually, quite a few of us have genuine problems coping with the uncertainty that looms large in the aftermath of the current lockdown.

Notwithstanding the economic slowdown, the disruption in project execution, and the constant need to sustain oneself, let alone the emotional regression all of this is causing seems to be taking a toll through low self esteem, lethargy, mood swings and a general feeling of what-do-I-do-next?!

To keep the creative juices flowing and to reinstate one's inner strength, team IAnD in collaboration with various architects, artists and designers has initiated a mini web series titled "Dhara" to share with you their motivational messages in these unprecedented times.

Dhara - flow: uninterrupted... consistent...empowering. A word whose meaning transforms with different inflections on different letters. Yet, its underlying essence conveys the most potent essence known to mankind - strength of purpose.

Besides three of these episodes - by artist Brinda Miller, Ar. Hafeez Contractor and Chief designer, Tata Elxsi, Mr. Narendra Ghate, our series on Nostalgia continues with designer Saranin Artemy from Russia and Ar. Hiren Patel from Ahmedabad getting sentimentally pro-charged.

Our cover story brings you young design practice Bora Da Designs' latest retail design project that follows the nuanced architecture of Sindh with strong overtures from Sufism and Persian architecture.

Enjoy the issue. Stay healthy. Stay creative.

Savitha Hira



Web Series
Dhara | Mini Web Series| Ep.3| Motivational Moments with Narendra Ghate, Chief Designer, Tata Elxsi
Chief Designer, Tata Elxsi, Mr. Narendra Ghate deliberates on how re-evaluation of our lifestyles is going to be an inherent outcome of the Covid-19 phase. He prods us to look within…
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IAnD Exclusive
Manav Gulzar: A humbling experience!
Ar. Hiren Patel of his eponymous firm speaks about an ongoing humbling experience that he feels keeps him grounded as a man and a responsible professional…
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Web Series
Dhara | Mini Web Series| Ep.2| Motivational Moments with Ar. Hafeez Contractor
Ar. Hafeez Contractor – a trailblazer in the Indian architectural scenario, reiterates his strength of conviction and forbearance, as he shares a few pearls of advice, provoking thought for the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic…
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Web Series
Dhara | Mini Web Series| Ep.1| Motivational Moments with Artist Brinda Miller
Artist Brinda Miller, known for her manifold talents as a creator talks about introspection as a potenet tool in these times. Listen to her and imbibe...
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IAnD Exclusive
When a gut feeling directs the right notes in design!
Saranin Artemy revisits his eclectic youthful design for a trendy café in Perm, and realizes that surprisingly, it has more relevance today than it did eight years ago!
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This art installation questions the elusive
Vincent Leroy reveals "The Sun Always Rises in the East" in China, a symbolic installation that mirrors the brightest star, its restful rhythm evoking introspection.
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