Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Motivational moments that help strengthen you against the Covid-information influx| Designing for aesthetic maximalism| and more|

The Line Office by MIRA Design Studio is quite the conversation starter – its bright, expressive interiors spark curiosity and impart a cheerful vibe, conveying a bold statement, in alignment with the theme ‘more is more’.
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Dear IAnDian,

A noticeably big, heartfelt "Thank you" for your words of encouragement and appreciation for our mini web series 'Dhara'. You help us push the envelope and we so love you for it!

This week, you will get to see three episodes of Dhara and yet another new story in our ongoing special - Nostalgia. Besides, we bring you the interiors of a beautiful shack-like pizzeria from Vietnam and the dynamic aesthetics of an office from Bengaluru, which is also our cover story featuring another young talent - interior designer Shruthy Sanghvi, who ingeniously plays with stripes on the flooring! Do check it out, it's very interesting.

We look forward to your views as usual - the email is editor@indiaartndesign.com

Take care. Enjoy the issue.

Until next week...

Savitha Hira



Web Series
Dhara | Mini Web Series| Ep.6| Motivational Moments with Ar. Anjali and Ar. Kiran Kalamdani
Architects Anjali and Kiran Kalamdani from Kimaya talk about their various creative pursuits and how momentous family bonding can combat stressful times...
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IAnD Exclusive
Mana Ranakpur: Contextually rooted in the sublime
Ar. Akshat Bhatt of Studio Architecture Discipline goes down memory lane with a project that not only uses architecture as a reflection of time and place but engages with the future and is of a progressive disposition.
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Web Series
Dhara | Mini Web Series| Ep.5| Motivational Moments with Artist Ajay De
Artist Ajay De says staying focussed is key. He advices us to put our best foot forward to tide over these uncertain times.
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Web Series
Dhara | Mini Web Series| Ep.4| Motivational Moments with Hemant Suthar – President, Association of Designers of India
President, Association of Designers of India (ADI), Hemant Suthar, shares various tips to turn the lockdown challenge into an opportunity. This is the time, he stresses, to transit from textbook proverbs to real life implementation…
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global hop

An oasis in a concrete jungle!
Designer Mamoru Maeda creates an earthy restaurant on the ground floor of an apartment block, lending it an enviable resort-like appeal…
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This small space marks an unmistakable presence in downtown Vietnam
Designer Mamoru Maeda capitalises on prime commercial space by re-purposing a wasted storeroom into a trendy eye-catching restaurant space in Vietnam…
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