Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Luxury living near a golf course| Research Centre with a collaborative vibe| Intimate seating from Karim Rashid Design| and more

Ar. Frank Silvestre designs a house in Sotogrande, Spain, taking one’s intimacy with nature to an all-new level!
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Dear IAnDian,

Luxury can have multiple connotations. Luxury of objects, economic luxury, luxury of space, time, breathability, of being one with nature... Our cover story - yet another project by the very talented Fran Silvestre Architects from Spain, speaks volumes about the latter. Working towards minimum intervention in the environment, he designs a home sandwiched between two large horizontal planes that hold within their bosom a warm home and hearth absolutely in sync with the immediate surrounds. That the location conforms to luxurious villas and pursuits only, validates the all-seeing glass walls. But the point to be noted is the use of minimal internal partitions and water bodies to augment the magic of literally living amidst nature!

While we ponder over these dream-like spaces, we come to reality with our trend-driven and style-centric homes - vibrant soft furnishings, plush materiality, urbane chaos that is so emphatic of a modern home... even as each new interior communicates a fresh thought, a new idea, reinvents yet another element of design.

Enjoy the issue and the monsoons! Catch you next week with more global fare...

Warm regards,
Savitha Hira


In case you missed it earlier.


This home is high on visual appeal!
AUM Architects design an eclectic inward-looking home in suburban Mumbai using materiality as the mainstay…
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This home is bathed in colours of happiness!
Through eye-catching furnishings and brightly coloured accessories, Shalin Gandhi harnesses the power of colour to energise, activate and anchor spaces.
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Thought n Impact
Should a research centre have a collaborative environment?
Melbourne studio DesignInc’s recently completed biotechnology research centre exemplifies the significance of collaborative practice and healthy work environments in research-based workplace thinking...
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A taste of la dolce vita
Studio Apostoli, with their design for the Vision Hotel, beautifully balance the experience of a modern interior with a technically advanced, sustainable exterior – all the while, celebrating the senses.
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In case you missed it earlier.
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