Wednesday, November 20, 2019

World's first children's restaurant| Adding intrigue with kinetic art| The un-retail retail store| and more

Sneha Divias Atelier wields the power of minimalism, functionality and materiality to design White & the Bear, a child-focused restaurant cum concept store and activity centre in Dubai…
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Dear IAnDian,

Child rearing has taken on newer dimensions aplenty. Keeping pace with the quick transitions in our urban lifestyles, we see that design and society can broadly be categorised as the two faces of the same coin. Change in one face depicts a corresponding echo in the other.

Our cover story, White and the Bear - that claims to be the world's first children's restaurant cum concept store - is a case in point of a holistic approach to child rearing. Check out how design - interiors, graphic, food and experience design - takes on the onus of playing responsibly on the psyche of the little ones. Impressive.

And we have kinetic art, an un-retail retail store, a new spiral puzzle and a trendy restaurant where minimalist black is the showstopper.

Enjoy the issue

Savitha Hira



An AV showroom unlike any commercial store!
Studio Design Inc designs The Den – a home technology solutions store in the heart of Mumbai, playing on one’s emotional responses to different kinds of audio-visual systems…
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IAnD Exclusive
Celebrate the art of accessorising this festive season!
Accessorizing is an art and your décor demands nothing less than a studied approach. IAnD equips you with some pertinent pointers to help you accessorize with élan…
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In case you missed it earlier.

global hop

Nature, symbolism and art fuse to beautify this building lobby in Taiwan!
Kinetic flowers sway to seasonal melodies in this building lobby in Taiwan as art weaves a new narrative to engage audiences and heighten the contextual aura of the edifice…
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There’s nothing simple about black!
Kofan, a 120 sq. m. bar in Kremenchuk, Ukraine, is classic yet modern, basic yet dramatic. Sergey Makhno Architects craft this establishment using black as their champion element.
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In case you missed it earlier.
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In case you missed it earlier.
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